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Forever Resorts Brochures

Client: Forever Resorts, Forever Living Products  International

Goal: Create property brochures that visually and emotionally deliver Forever Resorts’ brand promise: “offering magical experiences in natural places.”

Strategy: Develop branded—yet personalized— rack card brochures for each property in the FR portfolio. Copy and design objectives were to sell the National Park as the obvious visitation driver to the area—while providing provocative property-specific information about Forever Resort properties: houseboats & marinas, historic lodges/restaurants and activities & attractions, including white water rafting, small boat rentals, retail shops and convenience stores.

Length of text determined four, six and 8-panel layouts featuring copy and photographs, rates, graphics and maps. When offered, retail and dining outlets were also featured prominently. This project involved creative design, production and shipment coordination of all brochures (35+ properties).

Project Manager: Cathy Hattaway

Traffic/print production manager:
      Cathy Hattaway

Editor/proof reader/ research: Cathy Hattaway as Resorts Marketing Manager, Forever Resorts

Copy Writing/editing: Lynne Davis/ Cathy Hattaway

Regional Maps: Housna Ali, Emily Abs